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Focused on providing access to affordable and high-quality medicines.

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GMP and ISO certified manufacturing

Innovation driven.

R&D based medicines and dietary supplements.

Over 20 products have been licensed by the Syrian MOH

Export ready.

We export our medicines across the Arab world

our Featured products

Profi - Life

Ibuprofen 600 mg Liquid-Filled Capsules

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Profi - Cold

Ibuprofen, Pseudoephedrine, and Chlorpheniramine Tablets.

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Profi - Life Plus

Ibuprofen and Pseudoephedrine syrup.

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Our Products

Different shapes of pharmaceuticals are sought to be produced by HAYAT PHARMA since it has been fully equipped: Tablets, coated and effervescent tablets, hard and soft capsules, dry and liquid syrup, powder and liquid vials. Product list with indications is coming soon.

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Our story

Focused on helping you maintain a healthy life

HAYAT Pharmaceutical Industries, referred to hereafter as 'HAYAT PHARMA' is looking to be one of the leading manufacturers of human drugs and medicines in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. It was given an establishment license by the Syrian Ministry of Health under Nr. 2591 on 15/12/2002 , and it was registered at the Commercial register under Nr. 68035 on 19/03/2003 . HAYAT PHARMA emphasizes all the regulations of the WHO, GMP requirements and ISO. As for considering policy Of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety. We endeavored to produce products that conform with the quality standards adopted in respect of quality, to preclude from the manufacturing process, the products and related activities, the higher administrative body of Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries co. (Hayat Pharma) has established a system conforming to the requirements of international standards : ISO 9001 - 2000, ISO 14001 - 2004, OHSAS 18001 – 1999 through which the company commits to: 1. Constant development of the products with the objective of building up customers' satisfaction. 2. Constant development of the company's performance in respect of environment and occupational health and safety. 3. Applying applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements. 4. Seeking to inhibit environmental pollution resulting from solid, liquid and gas wastes. 5. Seeking to reduce the hazards of working with machines and dealing in chemicals.

The higher administrative body sets plans for constant development and improvement, and objectives for quality in connection with production development. Such production objectives include quality and quantity, growing sales, decreasing waste, adding production lines, promoting the workers' efficiency by constant training, setting objectives for environmental, occupational health and safety to block environmental pollution and to reduce hazards. These aspects are considered at the meetings for management reviews. The management confirms the staff's role of implementing the company's policy each according to their specialization.

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